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I received a copy of People Magazine with no foreknowledge. The subscription number is PPL2545332617/0#.

I would like to cancel this subscription even though I have been advised that I will not be billed for it. I contacted (866) 447-1281 as listed in the magazine and was directed to contact you to cancel.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

Please notify me when the subscription is cancelled.

Margaret A. Deacon

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Preferred solution: cancellation.

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If you didn't order the magazine---which is wise, given the tenor and quality of their magazine contents---then wait for a bill and if you receive one, just write "cancel" with a marking pen across the face of the bill and return it to them. That should be enough for them to cancel it. Not sure who would tell you to contact this site to cancel but no one here can cancel a magazine for you.

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