I did not subscribe to Redbook, and don't want it filling up our landfills. Called them, and was referred to cancelmag.com website.

First it said my zip+4 was invalid, then it said my 5-digit zip was invalid.

So I must write to them or put up with stuffing the landfill.

This is ***!

And your requirement that we enter at least one hundred words is pretty *** too, abd def ghi jkl mno pqr stv wxy and z, now I'm only at eighty one and must keep going until I hit one hundred and waste more time trying to dump the unwanted merchandise. Thanks a lot!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cancelmag Website.

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Hello I've been received a peoples Magazine from you guys and I never authorized nobody to subscribe me anything like this I contact peoples customer service and they told me I need to contact with you company is well I need to cancel my subscription I'm not interested and thank you very much


Has any body been billed for there magazine ??


Please someone help me cancel a magazine subscription I did not order. Cancelmag.com is a joke.


OKAY! Right below my comment, was a comment about magazines and how they wanted to cancel them. What do I have to do to cancel my assurance account?


I'm really having a problem canceling assurance. All I get when I call is a recording. I've pressed every button, and still I can


I can't believe when I try to canceled my assurance, all the comments go to magazines that people order or didn't order. All I want to do is cancel my assurance service


Receiving a 1 year subscription for Times Magazine which I have never ordered nor purchased. Order# 36918702770

Customer service at Times magazine cannot tell who ordered and saying to go to cancelmag.com That website does not work and shame on Times magazine to accept anonymous orders.

If that is true. Cancel this order immediately!! Will not accept any responsibility for any cost associated with this subscription.

Whoever placed the order is subject to a court of law and all costs associated with the lawsuit. G.L.


I have been receiving, without my consent or advisement, 3 magazines .. all of which I have ZERO interest in whatsoever.

They all go straight to the BIN, upon arrival: Time, Golf Digest, and GQ. I was, however, able to locate my information at CANCELMAG.COM and cancel, one-by-one, each of these magazines. Time will tell, if this truly worked.

Interestingly enough, ALL THREE were a direct result from ordering perfume at FragranceNet.com. As a result, I will no longer order from that online site, as it never included the ability to opt-out nor even a hint that this transaction would result.


Thank You, now I know how I ended up getting people magazine. I will never order from there again either.


PEOPLE - Since this system is clearly corrupt and invalidates our rights to opt out, we need to BOYCOTT the companies responsible. I can assure you that one of the biggest offenders is FragranceNet.com


But you can always recycle the magazine.


This company signed me up to receive a magazine that I did not order and do not want. It goes in the trash as soon as it arrives.

How unethical of them and time-consuming for me as I have to spend time trying to cancel the subscription. Shame on them!


I placed an on line order through walmart and my information was given without my ok and now I am getting a magazine that I don't want. Tried the 2 email addresses that was given on their recording and both came back as not found site's and they are just recordings, no real people to talk to.

Walmart has lost a customer for life! Not happy in Ohio.


So sick of this. I did not subscribe to this magazine and do not want it.

Tried calling and was sent to this site wich doesn't work either. So annoying.


Try going through the M2 Mags site and click on Customer Service. There is a form you can pull up to cancel your


When I first called to try and cancel, they

gave me an M2 Mags address I could write to, so I decided

to try the M2 Mags site on-line.

Much faster than writing

a letter. Good luck.

@e. lewis

I just tried the M2 Media site after the cancelmag.com site kept returning error messages. At least the M2 site accepted my message.

Thanks for the tip. Hoping it works!


What a *** web site. IT DOES NOT WORK!

Hmmm. I never did order Sports Illustrated and it was not part of a order from Wayfair so why am I getting it?

I think I will file a complaint with both the BBB and FTC. What a *** way to do business.....


I kept receiving the money magazine I was told to go to this web site cancelmag.com fill out info when got to end said system down an dose not work so if that happens go back to the place were you order stuff an tell them to suspend your order. I don't understand how a company can give your info for a magazine when was never authorized by you. Feel it's a scam so you can keep it an pay after a year.


You are soooo right Janice. I will do the same.



I read your comments about this website that I also was given by a Customer Service Rep @ 866 769-0199 I spoke with Abbey and she also gave me the phone number of 866 441-4281 to cancel People Magazine that I did not order. This automated system referred me to this website.

This person Abbey is suppose to cancel this subscription that I do not get any further magazines. If I continue than I will write my Alderperson, State Rep, or Senator because I believe this is invasion of our rights.

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